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Utilisateur #1728 ( 1 ) - Posté le 21/10/2019

Can you please advise as to the translation capabilities of your excellent website. I am trying to develop a modest continuing education course which introduces the Maginot Line to a retirement community here in the United States.

Thank You

Douglas Anderson

Réponse de jolasjm ( 6180 ) - Posté le 22/10/2019
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Hello Douglas

Thanks for your kind message. Wikimaginot is a participative site. Everyone can contribute and enrich the content with new information of anykind as long as it is pertaining to the covered theme. What you can see today is the result of years of added elements coming from people that are mainly french and not necessarily mastering the english language. As for wikipedia, these voluntary contributions are checked by reviewers and administrators that are knowledgeable in the field.

There is no immediate plan to translate the site into english or to include an english section. This could be nevertheless a good opportunity for progress that we will keep in mind.

Meanwhile, you are more than welcome to ask questions through the message and thread functionnality of the site. You’ll always find members who do master english enough to answer to them.

Alternatively, automatic translation through google or others can give a start of something readable by english speaking people. If you do a summary or a document based on our documentation, we are willing to read it and correct it if need be. We would of course be interested to get it : this could be the start of an english version of wikimaginot :-) and you own contribution to the collective work.

Best regards

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