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Galerie pour chantier?

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GORDOLON (GN) (Ouvrage d'artillerie)

Fil ouvert par Zvon ( 87 ) - Posté le 18/08/2021


After high-water at Vesubie valley form last year it's possible to see some old gallery near the Gordolon underground. Is there any continuity with ouvrage? Pictures are given from place 43.9994564N, 7.3118914E (parking of the supermarket) some days ago.

Best regards

Réponse de jolasjm ( 5811 ) - Posté le 19/08/2021
Dernière modification par jolasjm le 19/08/2021.
Hello Michal

This galery is quite below the lower level of Gordolon. For me this has nothing to do with the ouvrage. In fact I did check on a situation drawings of 1933 : 8 m above the river level, but 20 m below the entrance level of the ouvrage, and parallel to to the river there was a watering canal for agricultural irrigation. This canal is (was !) having a tunnel section at this point. this seems to be it.

Best regards

Réponse de Zvon ( 87 ) - Posté le 19/08/2021

Hello Jean-Michel

Thanks for the information

Best regards

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